The Design Kids

We run the London branch of the global design community, The Design Kids. As part of this we host and organise a monthly event series aimed at young designers entering creative industries.


We organise talks and events aimed at empowering creatives to find their space in our industry. A lot of students leave uni with no real knowledge about the structure of agencies, how to talk to potential employers, or even what the  many career options available to them are. We use these events as a chance to help fill these gaps.

We’ve had a huge range of speakers talk at our events, such as JKR, Publicis, Moo and DesignBridge – but also freelancers and emerging graduates, and recently design organisations such as D&AD and Glug.

We try to tailor each event to answer the current questions our members are asking, from Fear of Failure to Self Publishing we cover a huge range of topics, and still have so many more to go. Our events our on hold while the world is in lockdown, but we hope to be back very soon. Watch this space. 

Photography by Sam Holt