Graduate Feature: Peed Off Tees

Last week we had the joy of meeting Alice and Alisa, co-founders of Peed Off Tees. The two describe themselves as “not the likeliest” to set up a fashion business, but despite this during the pandemic they’ve built a made-to-order apparel company that’s picking up traction over social media. (And we’d know, we bought one!)

Alice and Alisa represent part of the creative industries that is often under-nourished: Those without a creative degree in their back pocket. At Keele, Alice studied Biology and Psychology, and at Leeds Alisa studied Sports and Exercise Science – potentially not the fashion, textiles or fashion communication degrees you’d expect from two budding clothing creators. But just the part of the creative industries that we love to see, people working against the grain to upset trends and finding their own corner to set up shop! 

The team describe themselves (quite unfairly) as having “absolutely no fashion sense”. Instead of following trends or chasing the shadow of larger retail stores they are creating clothes that they themselves would want to wear. “If we like it maybe other people will” and this audience-centric approach is exactly why they’re doing so well! 

Peed Off Tees - Alice and Alisa in a tie dye red jumper

With the global pandemic stretching the jobs market quite thin, the team have launched themselves into creating and running their own business. It’s a trend we’ve seen a lot recently, graduates creating their own opportunities, and we’re all for it! 

Alice and Alisa describe the journey as a massive learning curve, saying “I’ve learnt so much more in the past 6 months than in my entire 3 year degree.” I asked them if they had any tips for other non-traditional-creatives looking to commandeer a space in the creative industries, and very rightly the girls say “Don’t count yourself out as not being creative. We never loved art GCSEs…” but they’ve found and are absolutely owning their space right now.

Duh - Peed Off Tees

If you’re in the market for fun, pointed and ethically made and environmentally sustainable clothing then check out the duo on etsy. 



Or support them but giving them a follow on instagram, where they’re having great fun with marketing and showcasing their work! 

Peed Off Tees