Graduate Feature: Callum Palmier-Robertson

We’ve been lucky for Callum Palmier-Robertson to appear on the Fresh Meet radar, a graphic designer who graduated in 2020 from Camberwell College of Arts. 

We love Callum’s thought provoking outlook in his work, from his multi-disciplinary use of printmaking, typography, photography, creative coding, filmmaking, and creative writing.

Callum’s work walks the line between art and conventional design allowing him to traverse subject matters in ways that need to be explored in today’s political landscape.

We really loved Callum’s I AM A FLAG project. This project was born out of Callum’s  interest in questioning the power and politics behind the concept of nationalism. Using AI, Callum was able to create a dataset of 193 national flags to generate images from the data.

Callum’s other project, Red, White & Blue, explores how people see and value the Union Jack. When asked about these two projects Callum stated:

“I think the reason I’m really drawn to flags is because I see them as a very explicit/defined example of politics and visual communication colliding, especially given the universality of flags.”

With his wide array of skills there are so many career paths Callum can explore. He mentioned to us that he would love working in the fashion industry and with the tools he has under his belt we couldn’t agree more!